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  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Interview: Does Mike Murburg Regret Telling His Team to Vote Him Out?
    Posted 4 days ago » It's hard not to root for the contestants who appear on The Biggest Loser. Not only do they share their personal stories of what led them to sign up for the show, but every week we get to see their inspirational weight-loss journeys. This was never more apparent than with Mike Murburg, who was eliminated from Comeback Canyon this week.I ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Touring the Temptation Tent
    Posted 5 days ago » On this episode of The Biggest Loser, the contestants will face temptations! Also, Scott will talk about his feelings.But first, let's see Bob surprise Matt at Comeback Canyon! I'll admit, I can never get tired of Bob happily announcing "this is my house here." Does Bob sleep, eat, and shower at Comeback Canyon? Does he get his mail delivered there?Matt ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Interview: Chandra Maple Says TV Did Not Do Sand Dune Justice
    Posted 9 days ago » Every week, a contestant from The Biggest Loser is eliminated after receiving a second chance at Comeback Canyon. This past week, it was time to say goodbye to Chandra Maple. I spoke with her during a conference call with reporters, where she talked about being from a bloodline of champions, the most difficult challenge she took part in when on ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Ain't No Canyon High Enough
    Posted 12 days ago » It's week five of The Biggest Loser, guys! Even though we saw Bob shock Mike last week, we start out with a similar scene. Mike might be smiling, but behind his eyes, I see fear. I love Mike, but that dude was just ready to go home last week.Back at the gym, Dolvett seems pretty devastated by losing Mike. The ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Interview: How Emmy Lou Munoz Overcame Her Mental Blocks
    Posted 18 days ago » We're four weeks into season 16 of The Biggest Loser -- and it's getting harder to see someone leave the competition each time.This week, that person was Emmy Lou Munoz. I spoke with her today during a conference call with reporters, where she talked about what she learned from her time on the ranch, the difference between Dolvett and Bob ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Least Lucky Lottery
    Posted 19 days ago » This week on The Biggest Loser, we're promised twists, turns, and a whole lot of surprises! Also, this episode is only an hour long for once. That's a twist and a surprise for the audience. Bob maniacally laughs, as he surprises Chandra in the "big limo surprise". Bob tells Chandra that her journey isn't over, based on her arrival at ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Weighing Emotions
    Posted 4 weeks ago » Tonight, the contestants face pizza. Also, all of the other foods that helped get them to the ranch in the first place. But first!Emmy looks like she's spotted a ghost after Bob opens her limo door and tells her that it's not over. Once again, he explains the rules of the Comeback Canyon. "Oh, my cow!" Emmy claims. (At least, ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Blood, Sweat and Many Tears
    Posted 5 weeks ago » Get ready, guys. Tears will be flowing this week in The Biggest Loser gym.But first, let's chase down the contestant that was voted off last episode. Andrea is surprised by a secret Bob Harper, who is hiding out in his fitness cave. I just thought of something - Bob is going to have to repeat his speech about the contestant's ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser': Zina Garrison on the 'Gorgeous' Trainer and a Second Chance
    Posted 6 weeks ago » The Biggest Loser season 16 premiered Thursday night with 20 new contestants, two new trainers (Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom) and a new element called Comeback Canyon with Bob Harper.Zina Garrison was the first contestant to be eliminated from season 16. I spoke with her today during a conference call with reporters, where she talked about not being able to ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » 'The Biggest Loser' Season 16 Premiere Recap: New Trainers and Old Athletes
    Posted 6 weeks ago » I'm happy to have the opportunity to be recapping The Biggest Loser this season. During prior seasons of the show, I typically made it a goal to do sit-ups while watching -- just like a healthy person! I gave up on this goal weekly, typically within ten minutes of each episode, and figured that laying like a blob on the ... [Link]
  • The Biggest Loser » NBC Sets Fall 2014 Premiere Dates
    Posted 5 months ago » NBC is the first network to announce its premiere dates for Fall 2014. Most of its shows will debut in the last week of September, though comedies will launch In October and Fridays nights won't get going until the end of October. [Link]

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